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PlayCraft is devoted to helping children improve their cognitive and socio-emotional abilities. We train 3 - 5+ year-olds on valuable life skills through play and support our players in becoming happy, well-rounded, and socially responsible adults. 





It is proven that simulation play increases the transfer of skills in real life. In the game, kids are placed in authentic situations, where they can play, interact with game characters, and solve challenges. The narrative of the game runs through a sequence of 5 mini-games, where each game is a separate challenge. 


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A story for the story

We have all been children. We have grown up with characters like Pippi Longstocking, Tom Sawyer, Cinderella and Peter Pan. Characters that have inspired our imagination to travel in time, to dream about magical places, to think and analyze, and feel a true deep emphaty. These fairy-tale characters were the role models for us. From them we were learning and picking which are valuable skills and qualities that to possess in order to be accepted, to be liked and to be successful in a society. The characters in question, do not age opposed to us. Today, we are already grown up children and we are in the role of parents. Our children, the children of the 21st century are the same as us - curious, exploring and thirsty for adventures. The only difference between us and them is that they grow in another context. The context of modernity: tablets, phablets,…

Plop Learns Emotions

Welcome to the Magical World of Plop and his family. It’s all about learning emotions, while having fun in an interactive world with educational mini games. The content is specifically designed for 3 to 5+ year olds. Children will help the game characters overcome a variety of challenges and learn along the way. They will have the opportunity to explore feelings and emotions in a safe and friendly environment. Feelings recognition and separation between emotions and reactions is a primary goal of the learning content. The game focuses also on cognitive skills such as concentration, memory and improves fine motor skills. All in a very simple game mode, where kids will have a lot of fun.PLAY AND LEARN• Helps build empathy by connecting expressions to emotions• Inspires understanding of basic “cause & effect” of feelings• Develops associative thinking by…


Iana Avramova

Founder & Author


Hristo Inkiov

Co-founder & Technical Director

Hristo has more than 15 years of experience as a Senior Developer. Since 2010 he manages his own Company for game development - Inovento. There, he has produced a sequence of successful games for Facebook and mobile devices. Hristo is  result-oriented, creative and always looking for the balance between the best technologies and speed of production.


Irina Zarkova

Child Psychologist

Irina has more than 12 years of experience as psychologist, working mainly with clinical cases of children and youngsters. She has completed Masters of Clinical Child and Youth Psychology in France, where she has also published papers on variety of psychological topics. For Irina work is her passion.

David Kostov

Beta tester

David is already almost six years old. He was only 3, when we came up with the Plop concept. Since, he and now his small brother Matthew (almost 3 years old) are the most fervent supporters of the idea. They both participate in the creative process, the validation and most importantly in the testing process. They grow with the game and helped the game grow.

Gabriela Kostova

Instructional Designer

Gabriela is an instructional designer and media specialist based in Montreal, Canada. She has a Master's Degree in Educational Technology from the Concordia University, Canada and she is working as a trainer, course developer, and graphic designer. She has background in psychology, graphic design, and user experience.


LinkedIn Profile

Rada Peneva


Radа an artist by avocation with many years experience in the Movie and Advertising Industry. She has worked for the 20th Century Fox in Bulgaria. She has illustrated children’s books, some of which have been honored with special prizes. Rada creates our game characters and backgrounds, she inhales life into our ideas.


Behance Profile


Erez Tsalik

Creative Advisor

Erez is a Senior Facilitator for Innovations for more than 15 years. He facilitates in Product Development, Marketing, Problem Solving and Innovative Strategy. He has also worked as an Academic Consultant, specifically engaged in the development and production of educational workshops.

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